customer service representative in healthcare

Customer Service Representatives

Experienced Customer Service Representatives available for:

Give customers a method to contact you right away if they require assistance. 

Customer service representatives (CSR) for VA Live assist with customer acquisition, onboarding, order processing, complaints, refunds, and other services.

customer service representative in healthcare

How VA CSRs Support Their Customers

Your customer service representative is committed to you and can answer as many calls and inquiries as she can every day, all month long. 

Live Conversation

Enable 24-hour chat assistance to secure outstanding CSAT ratings for your company.

Comprehensive Assistance

VA CSRs will respond to support requests, handle problems, track tickets, update CRM, and other tasks.

Acquisition Assistance and Onboarding

Your assistant can support clients before and during the onboarding process by responding to their important inquiries.

Refunds and Order Processing

Your assistant can deal with orders, delivery, refunds, and real-time connections with suppliers and merchants.

Increase Lead Generation

You can collect more leads at contact points when there are live agents available.

Provide Estimates and Prices.

Live agents are able to generate personalized quotes and projections and help expedite the sales cycle for your most motiVAted prospects.

Unique Features and state-of-the-art Amenities.

VA offers a VAriety of features and amenities that cannot be found in traditional talent agencies, BPOs, or freelancing platforms.

Your devoted VA is available to work either full-time or part-time

Dedicating 4 or 8 hours per day, from Monday to Friday, solely focused on your assigned tasks.

Customer Success Manager

A Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you to offer support during  onboarding, training, and to provide feedback on your performance.

Quality Control

VA utilizes thorough quality control procedures to detect any quality concerns and address them proactively on your behalf.

Training and Guidance

Your assistant has access to VA trainers and supervisors who are available to support them in comprehending new tasks and tools whenever required. Additionally, VA offers an in-app training module where clients can request specific training programs for their assistant, managed by VA, or even create and upload their own training materials.

VA Assists Customers With Scalable Support Issues

VA gives businesses the ability to outsource all aspects of customer experience management, create training and measurement systems, and adjust staff size as needed.

VA enables Saas companies to maintain a round-the-clock phone and live chat support infrastructure to assist customers with onboarding and address important closing questions. When live help was a touchpoint for VA, they had a signup boost of more than 200%.

By leveraging VA's services, the agency based in Los Angeles is able to transfer all customer support responsibilities, allow their small core team to concentrate on operational tasks and business expansion. With the support of VA, they have significantly reduced their average response time from 72 hours to under 2 hours.

VA provides continuous inquiry and guest support service to a VAcation rental company that has over 100 properties across three countries. The VA agents are responsible for managing all the listings and communications on hotel booking platforms, responding to potential guests, handling inventory and dates, and offering support hotlines throughout their stay.

A New York-based ecommerce aggregator company has employed the services of VA to create blended customer support teams, each responsible for handling a specific group of their brands. These VA agents are responsible for addressing customer inquiries, updating CRM data when necessary, processing refunds and returns, and keeping inventory information up-to-date on various platforms such as Amazon and Shopify.

Beginning is Simple and Effortless

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Add Requirements and Register

Use our sign-up tool to swiftly and conveniently submit your job description and criteria.

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Your Customer Success Manager is Here

As soon as you have a Customer Success Manager (CSM), you can begin assigning your first responsibilities.

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Begin working with a VA Customer Support Representative

We identify the ideal candidate who possesses the experience and qualifications you require in order to expand your company.

VA Offers a Task Management App for Your Team

Every VA client is provided with free access to the VA Task Management tool. This specialized app is designed to facilitate communication with your assistant, efficiently manage tasks and projects, share files, and even record screen-sharing videos, among many other features.

Messaging platform and task organization tool

Make sure your assistant is well-informed with in-app messaging and chat capabilities, enabling you to send them notes, procedures, and detailed instructions. This will help them understand and execute your vision for your brand effectively.

Recording tool for Wink screens

Wink is an unlimited screen recording app that allows you to easily record processes and training materials for your assistant or anyone else. It can be likened to Loom but without any restrictions or limitations.

Module for Training

Utilize our in-app training module to register your assistant for training courses overseen by VA.

Media Library, Workflows, and other additional features

VA includes a media library for efficient file management and sharing.

You can utilize the Workflows feature to outline and clarify various processes.

Ensure secure sharing of access to essential applications and tools by using the ‘Credentials’ feature.

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VA is revolutionizing the process of hiring virtual assistants for businesses worldwide. With VA, clients can enjoy a fully managed service experience that includes a dedicated assistant, a Customer Success Manager, a supportive team, and an innovative virtual assistant management software. This software enables seamless communication, task organization, file sharing, and collaboration among teams – a first-of-its-kind in the industry.

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