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IT Helpdesk Support Agents

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Ensure hassle-free involvement and overcome support difficulties right away.

VA IT Helpdesk assistance Agents assist with live chat assistance, ticket management, bookings and reservations, and more.

A Person Sitting at a Desk With Multiple Computer Screens | VAForDoctors

How VA IT Helpdesk Support Representatives Assist Their Clients

Your IT support representative is committed to you and can answer as many calls and enquiries as they can every day, every month.

Live Chat

Having a VA IT support assistant allows for round-the-clock chat help and ensures that your company has excellent CSAT ratings.

Ticket Control

Your IT support representative will efficiently track and handle customer support requests using online ticketing platforms like Freshdesk.

Acquisition and Onboarding support

Prior to and throughout the onboarding process, your assistant can assist clients with their inquiries and provide guidance.

Complete Assistance

VA IT helpdesk experts will respond to support calls, do real-time troubleshooting, and address client issues.

Customer Interactions Document

All customer contacts, including specifics of questions, remarks, and resolutions, will be accurately documented by your VA.

Maintain the Help Desk Knowledge Base

The development and upkeep of knowledge resources, including FAQs and troubleshooting manuals, is done in collaboration with other team members by VA IT support staff.

Scaled Tech Support Challenges with VA Masters

The IT Helpdesk Support Agents at VA Masters are skilled in handling tech support challenges at a large scale. They assist clients in resolving technical issues, streamlining workflows, and adapting support capabilities as required.

VA gives SaaS companies the ability to operate a round-the-clock live chat and phone support infrastructure to assist customers with onboarding and address important closing queries. When live help was a touchpoint for VA, they had a signup boost of more than 200%.

A marketing agency in LA can offload ALL customer care tasks thanks to VA, freeing up their small core team to concentrate more on operations and expansion. With VA, they have cut their typical turnaround time from 72 hours to under 2.

VA creates and manages a help desk for the platform of a financial services company, aiding users in utilizing the in-app budgeting tool and resolving issues with software and account integrations. VA has helped the platform clear its backlog of tickets and increase its resolution rate to 85%.

VA helps a corporate travel management company streamline bookings by providing strong assistance in utilizing its own reservations infrastructure. To ensure easy and trouble-free interactions with the company, their VA IT support person helps clients book travel.

Traditional talent agencies, BPOs, and freelancing platforms cannot compete with VA's array of capabilities and amenities.

Your VA only spends 4 or 8 hours per day, Monday through Friday, working on the responsibilities you have given them.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you to assist with onboarding, training, and performance evaluation.

To find quality problems and proactively fix them for you, Quality Control VA uses strict quality control processes.

When necessary, your assistant has access to VA trainers and supervisors who are prepared to assist them in understanding new jobs or tools.

Additionally, VA offers an in-app training module where customers may upload or develop custom training materials for their VA-managed assistant.

Task Management Tool for Your Team VA

The VA Task Management tool is provided to all clients, offering a specialized app that aids in seamless communication with your assistant. This app allows you to efficiently manage tasks and projects, share files, record screen-sharing videos, and much more to enhance productivity.

Task Board and Chat Tool

With the help of in-app messaging and chat features, make sure you and your IT support specialist are on the same page. Send them instructions, processes, and notes so they may help clients or customers in the best possible way.

Recording tool for Wink screens

To record procedures or training materials for your assistant (or really anyone else), use the Wink screen recording app. Imagine Loom, but without any restrictions.

Module of Training

Enroll your assistant in training classes run by VA using our in-app training module.

Workflows, Media Library, and Other Features

VA has a media library for managing and sharing files.The Workflows feature can be used to describe and elucidate processes.To securely grant others access to important apps and tools, use the ‘Credentials’ function.

No Contract, Cancel Anytime

We operate on a subscription-based model with no long-term contracts. You have the freedom to cancel anytime without any hassle or penalties.

Your Timezone, Your Hours

We understand the importance of time zone compatibility. Your writer will work according to your specified timezone, whether it’s PST, EST, GMT, or any other, ensuring smooth communication and timely delivery of work.

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