digital marketing virtual assistant

Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital Marketing Assistant for Startups & SMB Teams

Experience the power of our Dedicated, Fully Managed, No-Contract Digital Marketing Assistant, designed specifically for startups and small to medium-sized business teams. 

You can focus on driving your business forward while our expert marketing virtual assistants handle various crucial aspects of your digital marketing strategy. Whether it’s managing social media campaigns, crafting compelling content, optimizing SEO, running email marketing campaigns, or analyzing performance metrics, our VAs are equipped to take your marketing efforts to new heights.

digital marketing virtual assistant

Introducing Marketing Assistant: Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Unbeatable Savings!

Are you struggling to manage your marketing tasks efficiently? Need a dedicated marketing expert but worried about the costs? Look no further! VA Marketing Assistant is your all-in-one solution.

Join hundreds of successful businesses who have unlocked up to 80% savings compared to in-house hiring. Take your marketing to new heights with our Marketing Assistant!

Our Digital Marketing Assistants excel in a variety of tasks to boost your online presence and drive business growth:

Social Media Marketing

Your assistant plans content, schedules posts, and engages with your audience to enhance your social media presence.

Email Marketing Support

The assistants proofread emails, execute campaigns, and analyze metrics to optimize your email marketing efforts.

On-Page Optimization

Your assistant implements your SEO strategy, manages content in your CMS, and provides detailed reports on performance.

Affiliate Marketing Support

Your assistant handles account setups, liaises with affiliates, and manages affiliate partner payments.

Influencer Outreach

Your assistant researches and connects with relevant influencers to execute your marketing strategy.

Market Research Support

The assistants gather valuable insights on prospects, competitors, products, and offers to refine your marketing approach.

PPC Administration

Your assistant monitors essential KPIs, adjusts bids or budgets, and reviews keyword performance for your PPC campaigns.

Website Maintenance

Your assistant utilizes page builders, performs minor tweaks, and moderates comment threads to keep your website running smoothly.

Lead Generation

These assistants prospect for potential clients or content partners and send outreach messages to generate new opportunities.

Unlock the full potential of your Marketing VA with our complimentary VA management software.

Experience seamless communication and task tracking with these powerful features:

Built-in Video Messaging

Introducing Wink, the innovative screen recording and video messaging tool. Easily share processes and instructions with your marketing VA, ensuring clear communication and streamlined collaboration.

Dedicated Chat System

Stay connected with your VA through our in-app messaging capabilities. Save messages, send notes, and share files effortlessly to keep everyone on the same page.

Media Library

Keep your marketing collateral organized and easily accessible in one place. Our app’s media library allows you to upload videos and images for your VA’s use, saving time and improving efficiency.

Share Credentials

Grant your VA access to your essential marketing tools and apps seamlessly with the Credentials feature in our dedicated app, enabling smoother workflows and enhanced productivity.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our VA management app, designed to empower you and your VA to achieve marketing success together. Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our services are available globally, providing support to clients from all corners of the world.

With our "unlimited work" model, you can assign tasks to your Assistant without worrying about hourly rates or additional fees. Your Assistant works efficiently on all delegated tasks.

Currently, our service hours are aligned with regular business hours, depending on your Assistant's time zone. However, we are constantly improving our offerings to better suit our clients' needs.

No, each Assistant is dedicated to a specific client, ensuring focused attention and personalized support.

You can communicate with your Assistant through our web app, Slack integration, or our mobile app for iOS & Android. We also offer a dedicated phone number for calls and texts. Custom methods like email, WhatsApp, or Microsoft Teams are available upon request.

  • Your Assistant is a trained professional with expertise in the required field. We carefully match them to your needs, ensuring they align with your goals.

Our Assistants strive to respond promptly to your messages and queries, usually within a few hours during business hours.

Yes, we can integrate with a wide range of software and tools to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

You will have access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will assist you with any questions or concerns, providing ongoing support throughout your partnership with your VA.

Experience a seamless onboarding process with us:

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Add Requirements and Sign Up

Utilize our user-friendly sign-up tool to quickly and effortlessly submit your job description and requirements.

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Meet Your Customer Success Manager

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be there to guide you through the process and assist with delegating your initial tasks.

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Start Working with Your Assistant

We’ll match you with the perfect assistant, equipped with the expertise and skills needed to support your business growth effectively.

With our straightforward and efficient process, you can focus on what matters most while we handle the rest. Get started today and experience the benefits of a reliable and dedicated virtual assistant.

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