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Graphic Designer

Professional Graphic Design for Marketing Teams

Our Graphic Designers are dedicated professionals who bring your brand story to life through purposeful and strategic visual communication. They collaborate with your marketing team to create stunning designs that captivate your audience and drive results. 

Whether you need graphics for ongoing campaigns or want to start new ones, your dedicated graphic designer ensures that every design element reflects your unique brand story and resonates with your target audience. From eye-catching social media graphics to impactful website visuals, they have the expertise to elevate your brand presence and make a lasting impression.

medical graphic design

Why Choose our Graphic Designer?

We offer a fully managed service to meet your graphic design needs. Here’s why you should choose our Graphic Designer for your marketing team:

What our Graphic Designers Can Do

Our skilled graphic designers can handle various tasks in the field of design. Here are some areas they excel in:

Ad Creatives Design

Our graphic designers create visually appealing ad creatives that align with your brand’s messaging and campaign objectives. They develop multiple iterations of visual materials to optimize engagement and conversions.

Simple Graphic Design

Our graphic designers skillfully incorporate imagery and typography to create visually pleasing designs that resonate with your brand identity. They ensure that the graphics align with your overall branding strategy.

Content Creation

Our designers enhance your online content marketing efforts by creating eye-catching visual representations. They create graphics, illustrations, infographics, and other visual elements that effectively convey your message and engage your target audience.

Layout Design Support

Our designers provide valuable support to creative teams by using layout and design tools to proofread and refine visual materials. They ensure that the layout and design elements are visually appealing and consistent with your brand guidelines.

Project Management Support

Our graphic designers can assist in project management tasks, helping you streamline workflows and coordinate with team members. They ensure smooth communication and efficient project execution.

Publishing and Scheduling

Our designers can work with your editorial calendar to schedule and publish content as required. They ensure that the visual elements are properly integrated into your content strategy and published at the right time.

All plans come with a range of benefits to ensure a seamless and personalized experience:

Customer Success Manager

You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will assist you with the setup process and provide ongoing support. They are committed to ensuring your experience is successful and tailored to your specific needs.

Loads of Addons

If you require additional services such as bilingual assistance, weekend coverage, or extra assistants, simply let us know and we will accommodate your needs. We are here to provide you with the resources you require to optimize your operations.

Full Customization

We believe in providing a customized solution that aligns with your unique requirements. You have the flexibility to customize everything, from the way we operate, to the tools we use, and the processes we follow. Our goal is to adapt to your business and deliver exceptional results.

App & Notifications

Manage your experience and stay connected on the go with our mobile app, available on both Android and iOS. You can easily communicate with your assistant, track tasks, and receive important notifications, ensuring that you are always in control.

Award-Winning Support

Our dedicated Customer Support team is available round the clock to assist you with any inquiries or concerns. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt and efficient support, with most inquiries addressed within minutes. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Full Availability

Our Assistants are available for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, during the time window that you select. This allows you to choose the specific hours that best align with your business needs, ensuring that you have the necessary support when you need it.

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Graphic Designer: Done-for-you graphic design for busy teams and managers

Your Graphic Designer is exclusively dedicated to you, providing professional and customized graphic design services to complement your business’ marketing materials. They specialize in creating compelling visual text and imagery that enhances your brand’s visual identity and resonates with your target audience.

Our graphic designers are skilled in producing a wide range of design elements, including illustrations, infographics, and production design for advertisements. They can also create visually appealing assets for emails, training manuals, apps, and social media posts.

By entrusting your day-to-day design needs to your Graphic Designer, you can offload the design workload and focus on more strategic aspects of your business. They will work closely with you to understand your design preferences, brand guidelines, and objectives to deliver high-quality designs that align with your content strategy.

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