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Enhance Your Practice with Remote Medical Assistants

Prioritize patient care while our expert remote assistants manage your administrative tasks seamlessly.

Healthcare Virtual Assistants (VAs) provide remote administrative support to healthcare professionals and practices. These VAs can handle a wide range of tasks, allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering quality patient care and optimizing their practice’s efficiency.

Trained in HIPAA compliance and medical terminology, healthcare VAs are well-equipped to handle sensitive patient information and medical documentation. From managing patient records, scheduling appointments, and handling billing and insurance tasks to coordinating healthcare coordination and providing general administrative support, healthcare VAs play a vital role in streamlining healthcare practices and enhancing overall productivity.

By leveraging the expertise of healthcare virtual assistants, healthcare professionals can ensure seamless operations, improve patient experience, and ultimately achieve better outcomes for their patients and their practice.

Improve your practice and achieve better outcomes by entrusting cost-efficient remote assistants with your administrative workload.

  • HIPAA-compliant medical assistants
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Efficient task management app
  • Flexible, no-contract subscription
remote medical assistant

Comprehensive Healthcare Support for Medical Professionals & Practices

Our full-service healthcare support solution is designed to elevate medical practices and provide medical professionals with the necessary administrative assistance they need to focus on patient care. With our dedicated healthcare virtual assistants, supported by a Customer Success Manager and quality control supervision, we ensure seamless operations and improved efficiency for your practice.

Manage Physician EMR

Our healthcare virtual assistants meticulously enter patient data into your practice’s electronic medical record, ensuring accuracy, up-to-date information, and completeness.

Manage Appointments

Leave appointment management to us. We handle consultations, send reminders to patients with upcoming appointments, and coordinate rescheduling or cancellations when necessary.

Healthcare Coordination

Efficiently arrange the sending of medical records to different parties as directed by the physician, streamlining healthcare coordination.

General Administration

Our virtual assistants handle light bookkeeping, inbox management, secondary research, and other time-consuming administrative tasks, freeing up your time.

Handle Billing and Coding

Rely on our skilled assistants to verify and process insurance information, prepare and send invoices or payment claims accurately.

Prepare Patient Records

Assist in the preparation of medical record documentation as dictated by the physician, ensuring they are error-free and consistent.

Physician Correspondence

Count on us to draft referrals or endorsements to other physicians as advised, facilitating seamless communication.

Healthcare Practice Marketing

Our team of skilled professionals will create and meticulously proofread promotional and informational materials for both digital and in-person marketing efforts. Communicate your practice’s unique offerings, showcase your expertise, and attract more patients to your clinic or facility.

Exceptional Features and Facilities for Your Medical Virtual Assistant

Our services provide unparalleled features and facilities that go beyond what traditional talent agencies, BPOs, or freelancing platforms can offer. When you partner with us, you’ll gain access to top-notch benefits tailored specifically for medical professionals.

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Virtual Assistant

Your data security is our top priority. Our dedicated medical virtual assistants are well-versed in HIPAA regulations, ensuring your sensitive patient information remains confidential and protected.

Customer Success Manager

We believe in providing exceptional support and guidance. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will be there every step of the way to address any concerns, ensure smooth operations, and optimize your experience with our services.

Quality Control

We maintain the highest standards of quality for our services. Our experienced team conducts rigorous quality control measures to ensure that every task is completed with accuracy and precision.

Training and Guidance

Our virtual assistants undergo specialized training to meet the unique needs of medical professionals. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to assist you effectively in various medical tasks, streamlining your practice and enhancing patient care.

With our unmatched features and facilities, you can confidently entrust your medical support tasks to our skilled virtual assistants and focus on delivering the best healthcare services to your patients.

Enhance Your Healthcare Practice with Our Task Management App

As part of our commitment to empowering your healthcare practice, we provide complimentary access to our advanced Task Management app. This specialized app is designed to streamline your team’s communication and productivity while working with your healthcare assistant.

Stay connected with your healthcare assistant and team members through our user-friendly chat tool. Collaborate, assign tasks, and track progress on the interactive task board, ensuring seamless workflow management.

Simplify training and process documentation with our Wink Screen Recording tool. Capture step-by-step instructions, share knowledge, and create instructional videos effortlessly.

Empower your healthcare assistant with our comprehensive training module. Access valuable resources and specialized training materials, ensuring your assistant is well-equipped to handle your practice’s unique requirements.

Store, organize, and share essential files, images, and documents with ease using our media library. Customize workflows to align with your practice’s specific processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

With our complimentary Task Management app, you can optimize collaboration, maximize productivity, and streamline daily tasks, enabling your healthcare practice to thrive in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape.

Simplify Your Onboarding Process with Ease

Getting started with your new Medical Virtual Assistant is a breeze. Here’s how our seamless onboarding process works:

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Speak with Us to Get Started

Share your specific requirements and expectations for your Medical Virtual Assistant. Our team will carefully assess your needs to find the perfect match from our pool of top-notch talent.

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Meet Your Assistant Candidates

We present you with carefully selected Assistant candidates who align with your practice’s unique demands. Interview and interact with them to determine the best fit for your healthcare practice.

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Start Working with Your Assistant

Once you’ve found the ideal match, leave the paperwork to us. We handle all necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth transition. Your Medical Virtual Assistant will be ready to dive into their role and support your practice without delay.

Get Started