virtual receptionist for medical practice

Live Receptionist

Direct your attention to your business while VA handles incoming calls

We offer live virtual receptionist services for businesses and professionals at competitive prices. 

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The Receptionist and Assistant functions of VA integrate seamlessly for our customers

If you use VA or are interested in adding it to your reception, the two work together perfectly. The VA will be able to handle any Action Items you get at Reception.

  • We can take care of the action items and to-dos.
  • one-button setup
  • absolutely adaptable
virtual receptionist for medical practice

Every plan includes…

Manager of Customer Success

A professional Customer Success Manager will assist you with installation and any other VA-related needs.

Entire Customization

Everything should be personalized, including the language we use, the inquiries we make, and the procedures we follow.

Notifications & App

With our mobile app, which is compatible with Android and iOS, you can manage VA and receive notifications while on the go.

Award-Winning Assistance

Customer service at VA is available 24/7 and typically responds within minutes.

5 days a week, 8/16-hour coverage

5 days a week, 8 or 16 hours a day, receptionists are on call. You decide which window to use!

Automatic Call Blocking of Spam

VA filters out spam calls, ads, and other unwanted calls automatically, so these don’t go towards your quota.

Linking with an automated assistant

VA Reception plugs in directly if you’re a client of VA so your assistants may handle action items.

Several Addons!

Just contact us if you require Spanish-speaking calls, weekend service, or several callers. We’ll deliver what you require!

Fair and open call-only pricing, not minute-only pricing

If you’ve ever used another receptionist service, you’re aware that billing by the minute is fairly prevalent and that these minutely charges typically translate into high hourly rates. Instead, we let you select plans based on the number of calls you make each day.

  • No cancellation fees and no additional costs
  • Zero startup costs
  • Fair and clear pricing

You didn't launch your company to answer calls.

Thankfully, we did.

Let us handle the calls while you concentrate on what you do best.

We pledge to give you fantastic voice-over work at an affordable cost.

  • Actual Human Team
  • Expand your company
  • Provide wonderful experiences
  • Never ever answer the phone

Your front desk staff are genuinely wonderful people.

At VA, we ensure that the individuals taking your calls are pleasant, accommodating, motivated, and eager to earn your repeat business.

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We offer additional services as well!


VA also operates assistants, a revolutionary assistant service designed specifically for businesses. VA provides endless job.

Make sales calls

Additionally, VA assists companies with outbound or sales calls and has professionals on hand to assist with creating the ideal pitch.

Commercial Automation

VA Automation enables companies to automate intricate workflows and procedures by just creating flowcharts or recording videos.

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