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Outbound Calling Agent

We understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service to build lasting relationships with our clients. To take our customer engagement to the next level, we are thrilled to introduce our new Outbound Calling Agent for our website.

Unlimited calls with committed agents at a fixed monthly cost

Having collaborated with other Sales Calling services, you may be familiar with the costly implications of being billed per minute or per call. At our company, we take a different approach. We offer a dedicated caller exclusively assigned to you, enabling them to make unlimited calls every day throughout the entire month. With this setup, you can anticipate consistent progress and an increasing number of successful deals as your VA Caller continues to enhance their performance over time.

  • Expand your sales opportunities 
  • Engage in extensive outreach initiatives 
  • Eliminate the need for making sales calls ever again

Clients are actively utilizing the VA Outbound Calling service.

outbound calling service

Illustrative Scenarios of VA's Capabilities

VA Callers have the expertise to conduct sales and marketing tasks on behalf of your company via Outbound Calls. Think of it as having your exclusive outbound call center, staffed by a dedicated human caller who works solely for your business and leverages the benefits of continuous learning to increase lead generation and sales closure as your company expands.

VA Callers possess extensive experience in lead generation, cold calling for real estate purposes, and sales cold calling. They thrive on building close relationships with clients, preferring a personalized approach over the impersonal nature often associated with bulk outbound call centers.

Your designated VA Caller will have the capability to handle assignments encompassing several of these domains:

Every package includes…

A designated Customer Success Manager

Will be available to assist you with the setup process and provide support whenever you require any assistance with VA.

Complete Personalization

Tailor every aspect, from our communication style, to the inquiries we pose, to the procedures we adhere to.

Application and Alerts

Effectively handle VA and receive real-time alerts using our mobile application, accessible on both Android and iOS platforms.

Support recognized for its award-winning excellence

VA’s Customer Support operates 24/7 and typically responds within a matter of minutes.

Complete accessibility

VA Callers offer availability for 8 hours daily, throughout 5 days per week. You have the freedom to select the time window that suits your preferences. Explore our coverage options to find the best fit for your needs.

Numerous Enhancements!

In case you require Spanish-speaking callers, weekend support, or multiple agents, don’t hesitate to communicate with us! We’ll ensure your needs are met accordingly.

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Link VA Caller with VA or Receptionist

If you are currently using another VA service or wish to incorporate VA or VA Reception into your VA Caller package, the integration between these services is seamless. Any tasks or action items you receive through one service can be efficiently managed by the respective other service.

  • We will handle your to-do’s and action items efficiently 
  • Easy one-click setup 
  • Fully customizable options


Utilize the expertise of our professionals

VA employs former consultants and sales experts who have previously worked at renowned global consulting firms such as McKinsey, SAP, Deloitte, and others. They are ready to assist you in streamlining your processes and refining your scripts.

  • Extensive knowledge across VArious industries 
  • VAluable insights and support from seasoned consultants 
  • Complimentary sessions offered to customers
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