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Executive Assistant for Executives Teams

Assistant to the Executive Teams

Assistance with team coordination, internal communication, project monitoring, document preparation, and other tasks for senior managers on a full- or part-time basis.

VA Aids You to Employ Local Talent

Your greatest option might be a US-based assistant. Local talent is crucial if you run a service-based organization because they can rapidly pick up cultural quirks and speak with American accents. 

They could also carry out responsibilities that demand for them to be present physically, such as meeting you in person as necessary. Hire remote workers, boost the US economy, and focus more on the important things!

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The work that VA executive assistants do for their clients

VA’ EAs are masters in providing high-performing professionals with strategic administrative support to keep them on track.

C-Suite Calendar Management

While managing complicated personal and team schedules, VA Executive Assistants make sure that company responsibilities are never forgotten.

Help with Recruitment and Hiring

VA executive assistants compile and evaluate resumes and references to help you identify qualified individuals for your company.

Get your financial documents ready

Among other things, Your VA EA creates invoices, expense projections, and monthly profit and loss statements.

Preserve databases

By carrying out the authorized process for information acquisition or provision, your VA executive assistants maintain the accuracy of your customer data.

Arrange business travel

From creating an itinerary to arranging your tickets, leave everything to the VA executive assistants to prepare your trip from beginning to end!

Performing secondary research

VA EAs are able to gather data online and create reports for usage by top management.

All sales tasks that don’t require in-person visits or meetings can be completed by VA SDRs. Whether you want your VA SDR to engage with only highly qualified leads or make a lot of calls, we’ve got you covered.

The VA Assistant Application

All clients have access to the VA Assistant app, which was developed using years of expertise managing remote teams and is a specialized tool for organizing tasks, projects, sharing files, documenting workflows, securely exchanging passwords, and much more. On all popular platforms, our apps are accessible.

Tasks & Modern Chat

With contemporary chat features that are geared towards productivity and refined by our years of expertise managing remote talent, you can be sure that your assistant is on the same page.Additionally, you may use our integrated kanban board to manage your tasks or convert to a regular to-do list. 

All platforms—Windows, Mac, Web, Chrome, iPhone, and Android—are supported by VA’s apps.

App to Record Screen in VA

You can record procedures and training materials for your assistant (or anybody else!) using the free screen recording tool VA from VA. It is comparable to Loom but has no restrictions. 

There is no need to install anything; simply click “Start Recording” to get started.

Budget-friendly Training Services

Enroll your helper in training programmes overseen by VA’s internal Training &  Development team using our in-app training module.

Workflows, a Media Library, and More

VA has a media library for managing and sharing files.

In order to describe and illustrate intricate, repeating processes, use the VA’s Workflows.

To securely grant other people access to your apps and tools, use VA’s Password Manager.

Sync with Slack, Zapier, and other services

VA’s regular app can be combined with Zapier integration, which enables VA to seamlessly connect its human talent with your existing automated processes and tools.

Like any other Slack user, you can @mention VA and add us to your workspace.

Regarding VA Assistant

VA is revolutionizing the way companies recruit virtual assistants globally.

In order to facilitate communication, task management, file sharing, and team collaboration, VA Assistant offers clients an entirely managed service experience that includes a dedicated assistant, a Customer Success Manager, a support team, and the first virtual assistant management software in the industry.

Traditional talent agencies, BPOs, and freelancing platforms simply cannot compete with the capabilities and advantages offered by VA.

Since they are solely focused on helping you with your business, your assistant will gradually understand your procedures and get better at them.

The only client that VA's assistants work with ensures that your work is given priority.

Your committed Customer Success Manager will support you with the onboarding process, with training your assistant, and with performance evaluation and ongoing improvement for your assistant.

The team captains and supervisors of VA are both watching over your helper, so they are not working alone. 

VA also uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that alerts our supervisory staff in advance of any problems so they may take proactive measures to remedy them.

Additionally, to find quality concerns and proactively address them for our customers, our 24/7 quality management staff use strict quality control methods.

Your assistant has access to supervisors and the VA training team, who are prepared to assist them in learning new duties and tools as needed.

Additionally, VA provides a reasonably priced in-app training service that enables customers to request customized training plans for their assistants, all of which are fully overseen by VA's Training & Development team.

All clients have access to the VA Assistant app, a specialized tool we've developed using years of expertise working with remote teams to manage tasks and projects, share data, document workflows, securely exchange passwords, and much more. All of the main platforms have our apps.

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