US Based Virtual Assistant

Dedicated Virtual Assistant based in the US

VA’s committed virtual assistants in the US deliver the quality of work you expect. Everything, from to-do lists to entire processes, should be delegated. Our helpers are prepared to get started right away.

Superior Service at Extremely Affordable Prices

VA offers a fully managed service environment.

In order to facilitate communication, task management, file sharing, and team collaboration, we offer you a dedicated assistant, a Customer Success Manager, a supporting staff, and industry-first virtual assistant management software.

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What VA's Virtual Assistants Based in the US Can Do For Your Team

Inbox Control

Allow your US-based virtual assistant to respond to emails, follow up, and forward critical and urgent correspondence.

Telephone Answering

Your VA A US-based assistant is available to take calls and act as your office’s receptionist.

Assistance Individual

Your VA assistant can place food orders, make reservations for events, plan trips, check in with your babysitter and more.

Customer Service

Your assistant can answer client calls and offer solutions proactively as needed.

Assistance with project management

You can communicate with your team members and handle tasks with the aid of your helper.

Management of the Calendar and Scheduling

The VA assistant can schedule team meetings and manage complicated personal and team calendars.

Every plan includes…

Manager of Customer Success

A professional Customer Success Manager will assist you with installation and any other VA-related needs.

Numerous Add-Ons!

Please contact us if you want weekend coverage, a bilingual assistant, or more helpers. We’ll deliver what you require!

Fully Individualized

Customize everything, including the tools and procedures we utilize as well as how we function.

Notifications & App

With our mobile app, which is compatible with Android and iOS, you can manage VA and receive notifications while on the go.

Award-Winning Assistance

Customer service at VA is available 24/7 and typically responds within minutes.

Total Accessibility

Virtual assistants employed by VA in the US are accessible 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Your choice of window!

Why Do You Want a VA Assistant?

Part-time and Full-Time Possibilities

Like your regular team members, VA’s virtual assistants can work either full- or part-time hours.

Devoted Assistant

Your VA helper is committed to you and only completes duties that you or your team have given them.

App for Free Task Management

A specialized chat system, kanban board, media/file sharing system, and more are all included in the free VA programme.

Manager of Customer Success

A professional Customer Success Manager will be available to you at all times to assist you with VA setup.

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